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Are Carpenter Bees Dangerous to People in Alton, IL?

are carpenter bees dangerous in Alton, IL
carpenter bees in Alton, IL

Carpenter bees can be intimidating when you find them flying around the outside of your home in Alton, IL. Many assume that just because they are bee shaped that they must act like other bees. In reality, carpenter bees are a lot different than many other bees. They nest and behave differently compared to other bees. Here we want to go into more detail about carpenter bee behavior.

Can Carpenter Bees Sting You?

In case you are not aware, carpenter bees can sting you. They are not a regularly aggressive species of insect, and you will have to provoke them in some way to get them to sting you. Their stings are par for the course for bee stings, you will feel a sharp pain with a burning sensation right where the bee stung you. You can keep a cool pack around the area you got stung and the pain will almost always go away within 24 hours. If they sting someone who is allergic, however, that person should seek medical treatment fast.

Why Carpenter Bees Sting People

Carpenter bees are territorial, and they do not like people or other animals messing with them or where they nest. It is important to know that only female carpenter bees have stingers. Males do not have stingers, however, they will still try to fly around and immediately you as if they did. While uncommon, you may have a male carpenter bee try to headbutt you, but this is completely harmless. The best course of action in making sure that carpenter bees don’t attack you is just avoiding them.

are Alton, IL home owners safe from carpenter bees?

How to Avoid Carpenter Bees

As mentioned before, one of the best ways you can avoid getting stung by carpenter bees outside your home in Alton, IL is to not bother them. Leaving them alone gives them no reason to attack you. Having a carpenter bee nest by your house can make it hard to avoid them, so it is best to get rid of the nest. These types of bees are pollinators just like any other kind of bee, so it is better to try to drive them away from your home rather than just killing them. You can discourage them by keeping your home garbage free by keeping all garbage disposed of up and keeping all garbage bins tightly sealed. This will give the bees nothing to snack on and they may leave.

If you live in Alton, IL, and are having issues getting carpenter bees to leave your property give our team of experts over at American Termite & Pests Control a call today!

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