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Residential Termite Treatment & Pest Control Services Glen Carbon, IL

Wasps Control Service near Glen Carbon Illinois

Looking for an experienced and affordable commercial termite treatment and pest control specialist in the Glen Carbon, Illinois area? Contact our professional team at American Termite, today! Our team has been providing pest control and prevention service to our local metro-east community for 3 generations! As a locally family-owned and operated business, we take pride in the services we provide. If you are experiencing termite or other pest infestations, give our team a call today and we will be there to rid you of those pests for good.

We have experience exterminating the following pests:

  • Termite
  • Roaches
  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Bees
  • Wasps
  • Moles
  • Bed Bugs
  • Fleas
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Professional, Insured, and Bonded Pest Control & Extermination

We are a Termidor Certified Professional service provider. American Termite has been providing pest control and extermination throughout the metro-east area! We ensure top-of-the-line service from inspection to treatment. Regardless of your needs, our team of pest experts will rid your home or office of unwanted pests in an affordable and timely manner. We even provide conventional termite reports to make sure that your property remains termite-free after the first treatment. Call us today to get an estimate and treatment consultation scheduled.

Contact Us at American Termite & Pest Control Today!

If you’re ready to rid your home or office space of termites and other unwanted pests, contact us today to get started on scheduling an estimate. During your initial assessment, we will also discuss the many treatment options that you can choose. We then help schedule a treatment consultation and select the date of your treatment that works best but is also as soon as possible. We are both licensed and insured in Illinois as well as Missouri. We’re here for all homeowners or sellers in the metro-east area. Call us today to get started.

We look forward to assisting you in protecting your home or office.

Treatment Options for Pest near Glen Carbon IL
Commercial Termite Treatment in Glen Carbon IL

Residential & Commercial Termite Treatment & Prevention Services That We Offer

What is a termite, and what does it do? A termite, otherwise known as a wood-attacking insect, is a bug that eats and thrives on the wood that makes up your home or office. Evidence of a possible termite infestation indicates that your space needs residential or commercial termite treatment right away. It is important that you regularly maintain termite inspections to ensure your home and office are still safe from these pests.

Signs You Possibly Have a Termite Infestation Can Include:

  • Discolored Drywall
  • Peeling Paint (Resembling water damage)
  • Hollow/Thin Wood
  • Small Holes in Drywall
  • Small Wings
  • Squeaky Floorboards

Understanding the signs of possible termite infestations is essential to both property owners or sellers. It’s also crucial that you have a full inspection performed by one of our termite professionals before purchasing or selling a property. If a termite infestation goes undiagnosed, these pests can cause severe damage and can quickly become costly. By keeping up with annual termite prevention care, you can not only save money, but you save your property from becoming damaged.

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