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How Frequently Should You Have Pest Control Done At Your Fairview Heights, IL Home

pest control Fairview Heights, IL

Pests can be a year-round problem that tends to be overlooked by homeowners until the problem has gotten way out of hand. Pest control services are not all about spraying chemicals around and doing tons of work around your home. There are other things you can do regularly that will help keep your Fairview Heights, IL home protected from pests. You may wonder how frequently you should take these pest control actions. Here we want to explain how often you should do pest control work around your home.

interior pest control fairview heights il

Monthly Checks

It is good to get into the habit of ensuring your Fairview Heights, IL home will not bring in pests by performing some monthly checks around your home. Have a look around your home for any leaks. Leaks from your pipes can lead to a build-up of moisture in your home giving pests the perfect conditions to thrive. It is also important for you to look around for evidence of pest activity by looking for any kind of exoskeletons, waste, or their discarded wings.

Quarterly Treatments

The perfect period to have pest control work done around your home is quarterly. You can have your home sprayed by a professional pest control company 4 times a year to better protect your home from being infested. These companies are not limited to spraying for pests either and you can have them perform other kinds of pest treatment around your home, just ask them what kind of services they can provide to you.

Daily Routine

pest control schedule fairview heights il

If you want your home to be truly safe from pest infestations, it is important to take steps to avoid attracting them into your home. Make sure that you keep your home clean. Regularly vacuum or sweep your floors to ensure that there are no crumbs for pests to eat. You should also make sure to clean up areas where your pets eat every day. Make sure that you store your food away when you are done with it, do not leave it on your counter or outside. Ensure that you dispose of your garbage as well and keep the lids as tight as you can to prevent unwanted visitors from getting in.

If you live in Fairview Heights, IL, and are looking for a pest control company that can provide your regular treatments, give our team of professionals over at American Termite and Pest Control a call today!

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