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Signs Your Edwardsville, IL Home Has Moles

Pest Control

Small creatures called moles have evolved to live underground. Lawns can be destroyed by their underground tunnels. Once they become established, they can be exceedingly challenging to eradicate. As a species, they are mostly solitary and only assemble to reproduce. Therefore, even while it may appear as though a thousand moles caused damage to your lawn, usually only one or two moles are responsible. Moles are tiny, gray growths that measure between 5 and 10 centimeters in length. These pests have extremely small eyes that are virtually imperceptible to humans because they spend their whole lives underground. Their forepaws are formed like paddles, which are perfect for tunneling, and their cylindrical bodies feature pointed snouts.

Signs There Are Moles in Your Yard

The vertical cracks that resemble veins and run just below the surface of grass are one of the most obvious mole symptoms. Moles use these surface tunnels to access their dens and move around. The dirt mounds they use to enter and exit their network of tunnels are another, less typical, indicator. Parts of the lawn that mole infestation homeowners walk on feel “spongy” to them. This is because when the moles tunnel through the ground, it becomes weaker.

Damage from Moles

Moles are carnivores that mostly eat underground worms and grubs. As they look for nourishment, they can kill grass and other plants by damaging their root systems. By undermining the soil foundation that supports concrete slabs, foundations, and roadways, mole tunnels can also harm these structures.

Getting Rid of These Pests


Early detection and treatment of the infestation are essential to rid your Edwardsville, IL home of moles. There are numerous DIY remedies available that could be effective for a little mole infestation. The animal removal specialists at Rose Pest Solutions are qualified to locate and get rid of these pests from your property. Our wildlife services are tailored to the specific requirements of your home and property and offer quick, efficient solutions.

If you think your home has a mole problem, give us at American Termite and Pest Control a call today! We are here to help you with all your pest control and prevention, including a variety of pests.

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