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Common Wasps & Bees That Residents of Belleville, IL May Spot


It can be easy to mistake a stinging insect for another type entirely in the Belleville, IL area. Some people use the term “bee” to apply for all stinging bugs, including wasps and hornets. However, it is crucial that you learn the differences between the insects as it is vital to understand their behaviors and how to coexist with them in a peaceful manner.

The Useful Bee: Honeybees


The honeybee is one of the most common variety of bees that is on the planet. Unfortunately, there as been a decline in the population worldwide. These bees are one of the most important pollinators on this planet. Honeybees have a thinner build, with a bullet shaped body that is covered in tiny hairs. This makes it easy to distinguish its head from its abdomen. Their bodies have black stirpes and can be different shades of orange or amber.

Honeybees are not aggressive by nature and only sting when provoked. You will often find them collecting nectar or pollen from flowers. They use this to produce honey that we humans consume. These insects live in colonies that can contain thousands of members, and usually if not kept by a beekeeper, their nests can be found in hollow trees.

The Fuzzy Bee: Bumblebees

Bumblebees are another of the most common variety of bee that you may come across in the Belleville, IL area.  These insects are known for having fuzzy bodies and a rounder appearance compared to the honeybee. Unlike other stinging insects however, there is little distinction between the bumblebee’s head and its abdomen, which is why it has the rounder appearance. Rather than living in a hive, bumblebees live in nests of only a few hundred other members. Their nests are usually found in an underground burrow or un piles of compost or leaves. Similar to the honeybees, the bumblebee is not aggressive by nature, only stinging if provoked.

Annoying Pests: Paper Wasps

Pest Control

Paper wasps are really beneficial for keeping caterpillar and aphid populations under control in your home’s garden. However, sharing the same space with these wasps is not easy, especially since they tend to build their nests close to your home, especially areas like the front door. The Paper Wasp is brown and typically has yellow or reddish markings, depending on the species. They have a very thin and pronounced waist, with long legs, along with only one pair of wings. Paper wasps are found in wood-pulp nesters in places like sheds, attics, garages, trees, and shrubs. Their nests hang downward and contains a single plan of hexagonal cells. These pests are unlikely to sting you when they are out and about, however if you get too close to their nest, they can become very hostile towards you.

If you leave the stinging insects alone, they generally do not cause you any harm. However, it can be necessary to have their nests removed in order to protect your home and your family. If you are having issues with any of these stinging insects or other pests, give our team at American Termite & Pest Control a call today!

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