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How Fast Do Bed Bugs Spread in a Home?

bed bugs

While bed bugs were at one point thought to have been extinct, these annoying pests have made a comeback. These pests spread via infested items and spaces, and once they spread, an infestation can happen overnight. The real question is, how fast do these invasions spread, and how can you as an Alton, IL homeowner stop it from happening to your home.

Pest Removal

Understanding Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped insects that have vestigial wings. These pests feed on animal and human blood and go anywhere to get it. They can be found in beds, chairs, and other furnishings inside of your home as well as in movie theatres, office buildings, and even public transportation. That makes these pests a problem for both homeowners and business owners.

These pests do not spread diseases; however, they can cause itchy bites, stress, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety. Getting rid of them presents a significant challenge and business owners face additional costs due to the infestation including loss of business and a damaged reputation.

How These Pests Spread & Multiply

You may have heard that bed bugs are usually found in unsanitary places, however, this is not true. They choose locations that have a consistent food source and a safe place to hide. Bed bugs travel not from person to person like fleas or lice, but instead, they travel on clothing, furniture, and other items. This means that they can travel quickly in numbers and start to lay eggs immediately.

While these pests do not reproduce at the same speed as houseflies, the infestations still occur rapidly if not thwarted. On average the female lays one to five eggs daily, and those eggs hatch within two weeks. After they hatch, the nymphs require five molt cycles in order to reach maturity. Which allows them to then lay up to five eggs each day. This is why this cycle produces so many of these pests if not stopped.

Stopping the Spread of Bed Bugs

Insect Infestation

If you have noticed a bed bug or have found bites on you, it is important to contact a pest control expert right away. These infestations are extremely difficult to stop without proper expert help. Here are a few things you can do to help support the pest control efforts:

  • Maintain a gap between furnishings & walls.
  • Vacuum daily using small attachments to get in small spaces.
  • Eliminate clutter near beds and other furniture items, and do not store things under your bed.
  • Launder bedding and dry it for at least one hour on high heat.
  • Purchase a tight-fitting, zippered mattress bag.

If you suspect that your home or business has been infested with bed bugs, give our team at American Termite & Pest Control a call today! Our team of experts is here to make sure your home & family stay protected from unwanted pests.

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