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Preventing Bed Bugs from Invading Your Room in Waterloo, IL

Bed Bugs

With everybody going back to school, college students from Waterloo, IL who live on campus will so be making their way to a dorm room. These college dorms are known for reusing the same mattresses year after year. While students furnish their new dorm room, they should consider what they need to do if they have any issues with pests, like bed bugs. Here we will be discussing some general information you need to know for preventing these pests from being in your dorm room.

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General Information About Bed Bugs

In case you have never seen one, bed bugs are small brownish wingless parasitic insects that have an appetite for human blood. They like to make their homes on not just your bed, but also your other furniture and clothing. They will find their way to their victim and will feed on them, a painless process that tends to go undetected until the victim reacts to their bite, or they see they have bite marks.

Checking For Pests

There are a few signs you can look for if you are looking for evidence of bed bugs in your room. Look for any brownish red spots on your mattress, headboards, pillows, areas behind the headboard, or your sheets. These bugs leave trails and spots behind so even if they are not there, you can see if there were any. Make sure to look in your dresser and drawers for any insects. If you have any evidence of bed bugs, make sure you contact the proper department if you’re in a dorm on campus, or if you’re at your Waterloo, IL home, call an exterminator.

What You Should Do If You Have Been in A Room With Bed Bugs

Pest Control

If you have been in a room with bed bugs, there are some steps you need to take to prevent their further spread. Make sure to isolate any items in your living space that have been infested from your other items. Put all of your clothing and other heat-resistant items in a clothes dryer for at least 40 minutes as the heat will take them out. After heating the items, wash them like you normally would.

If your Waterloo, IL home has become infested with bed bugs and you need help getting rid of them, contact our team of experts over at American Termite and Pest Control today! We are here to support our surrounding areas with our pest extermination services.

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