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What is Attracting Stink Bugs to Your Home in Collinsville, IL?

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Stink Bugs

During the fall, one thing that homeowners in Collinsville, IL homeowners dread to see are stink bugs. These gross pests are not only annoying and creepy to look at when provoked or killed, but they also secrete a foul-smelling odor. Many people wonder why these stinky pests are coming into their homes during the fall. Here we will be explaining what attracts these bugs and what you should do if you have an infestation.

What Attracts Stink Bugs?

Just like many other insects, stink bugs are cold-blooded so as soon as the temperature outside starts to drop in Collinsville, IL, they will start looking for a nice warm home away from home for the fall and winter months. These bugs like warm places with plenty of light. Whenever these pests find a place to call home, for the time being, they will secrete a specific odor which will help attract more stink bugs to the area. This is made worse during the fall as flocks of pests will be looking for somewhere to stay.

Dose Killing Them Attract More?

One rumor that has often been spread around is that killing one of these pests and letting its odor spread around will attract more stink bugs to the area. This is not true, as while they do secrete an odor upon death, it is not the same odor used for attracting more bugs to the area. You obviously do not want to have that gross odor after you kill them so be sure to clear the area of them and clean the area with soapy water.

How to Deal with Stink Bugs

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If you have an infestation of stink bugs in your home, the best way to handle them is to vacuum them up. Make sure that the vacuum you have has a bag. Be sure that once you have vacuumed up all the bugs you take the bag out to the garbage immediately as these pests will likely start to secrete their odor from the stress. Be sure that you clean any affected areas with soapy water so you can get the smell out.

If you are having any more problems with stink bug infestations in your Collinsville, IL home, give our professional exterminators over at American Termite and Pest Control a call today! Not only do we handle stink bugs, but we also handle many other pests as well.

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